UMIDIGI recently released three new smartphones,that is,UMIDIGI C2,UMIDIGI C NOTE 2 and UMIDIGI S.They all have 4000mAh battery and 4GB+64GB conbination storage.And they all have front fingerprint sensor.Although they are some of the same, they still have a big difference.
In the configuration,UMI C2 and UMI C NOTE 2 have the same processor,which is MTK6750T,while UMI S uses Helio P25 processor,the processor is better than the two phones.But they all install Android 7.0 OS.In the shape,UMI C2 has 5.0-inch screen with All-in-one metallic body,while UMIDIGI C NOTE 2 and UMIDIGI S have 5.5-inch screen.And UMI C2 and UMI C NOTE 2 have black and blue color that can be choice,while UMIDIGI S only has black and gold color.As for the camera,UMI C2 and UMI C NOTE 2 have 5MP front camera and 13MP rear camera,but the UMI S has 13MP+5MP rear camera and 5MP front camera.Above all,These are their biggest difference, of course, in other ways, they have some different. But it can be seen that UMI S configuration is relatively higher than the other two phones.

In addition to the three phones,UMIDIGI also have the similar phone ,such as UMIDIGI Z1 and UMIDIGI Z1 Pro.They also have 4000mAh battery and they are available now.If you want to know more about UMIDIGI mobile phones,you can see them on pompmall site and you can also buy the phone at the lower price from the site.