In the increasingly competitive smartphone industry, it's not that easy for OnePlus to stay ahead with only one or two model. There are many other phone makers who would challenge those renowned brands like OnePlus. Among those brands is Vernee Mobile, with its new model Vernee Apollo aiming exactly at OnePlus 3T.

Vernee Apollo

Both Vernee Apollo and OnePlus 3T sport all metal body with up to 98% metal coverage on the back except the antenna bands. Besides, the two models are also similar in industrial design, both taking on relatively square shape and showcasing the unique texture of metal.

Then let's compare the specifications of this two models. OnePlus 3T comes with 6GB RAM, higher than the 4GB of Vernee Apollo. But renowned flagships like Samsung Note 7 and S7 edge still run on 4GB RAM. Unless you are crazy about this aspect, 4GB RAM should be enough for everyday operation. And the RAM difference between 6GB and 4GB won't influence the user experience at all.

As for the display, OnePlus 3T has 1080P AMOLED screen, which however, is exactly its weakness. The common 5.5inch LCD screen has 401PPI density. OnePlus 3T, due to the Pentile alignment of AMOLED display, has only 323PPI. When you are viewing the display closely, you can still see the roughness of the words. However, Vernee Apollo 2 has 2K display which features standard RGB alignment with 541PPI. Even when you magnify the picture, it still shows clear details.

And last part is the price. OnePlus 3T is priced at 439USD and Apollo 299USD. The former is suitable for those who don't care price much as they care about performance. While Apollo is ideal for those who want cost-effective handsets and those who would like to try VR with a 2K display.