Xiaomi mi6 as the flagship of xiaomi products, the use of four-sided precision glass or ceramic materials as a shell material, the overall look than the metal shell looks more refined.But it is due to the high cost of ceramic appearance, Xiaomi mi6 pro has been in the state of out of stock.
xiaomi mi6 pro
Xiaomi mi 6 pro Ceramic version of the back feel very smooth, not only the appearance of more beauty at the same time, greatly increased wear resistance. Back of the camera with a 18K gold-plated external decoration, the lower MI word also used gold, and black body with a particularly distinguished.

In the xiaomi 6 of the various versions, xiaomi mi 6 pro ceramic version is particularly enviable. Xiaomi 6 other three versions are used xiaomi traditional white box, the front is orange LOGO and dazzling specifications. However, the 18K ceramic version of the use of a dark gray packaging, close look will find the box body vaguely sparkling little bit, very low-key highlights the texture. Compared to the high version with the 2899 RMB, the ceramic version of the price is only 100 RMB higher than the high version . But MI 6 pro ceramic version of "glass after the shell" into "ceramic body + 18K gold-plated camera decorative ring", appearance is very exquisite seductive, like a work of art. Random charger, charging cable and a full package of soft shell, easy to protect the use.Before the release of xiaomi mobile phones , Xiaomi mi mix is also a ceramic body, giving a bright spot.

Other aspects are the smae as xiaomi 6 version , xiaomi 6 pro ceramic version with four curved body design, 5.15 inch screen with high-pass Snapdragon 835 processor, 6GB memory + 128GB storage, 12 million zoom dual- Telephoto), etc., support 4-axis optical image stabilization.It seems like the xiaomi more beatiful phone and we hope the next released xiaomi mi7 will also have a beatiful appearence.