Elephone P8 was regarded as the most affordable smartphone in 2017. In addition, I will tell you the other three reasons that why you should buy P8.
elephone p8
First,Helio P25 Processor + 6GB/64GB storage.ELEPHONE P8 comes equipped with MTK Helio P25 processor. Teamed with the capacity up to 6GB RAM and 64GB ROM, the processor is powerful than ever and can run any big 3D games easily. And 6GB RAM 64GB ROM can allow you run more than 40 APPs with no stutters.May be you will say that Elephone P8 Mini with 4GB 64GB memory is also run fast,but it is powered by MT6750T processor,so the processor may be a little lower that P8.

Secord,16MP front camera and 21MP rear camera ,it can be called a real camera phone.Compared with most dual rear camera phone, the phone equipped with Sony IMX230 rear camera, and its pixel is up to 21MP. The front camera is 16MP Samsung 3P3 camera. Don’t underestimate on the two cameras. The rear camera has made a more high-quality debugging in the gloss and color.It can take a beautiful pictures by the phone.Of course,the full screen phone Elephone S8 also has a high pixel camera,which has 8MP front camera and 21MP rear camera.It is also good for taking photos.

The last is the 3600mAh battery that can keep a long battery life.The cell phone is a necessary thing in modern people's daily life, we take our phone to everywhere.Elephone P8 to watch the video, and it can last for over 12 hours. For most of the users, simply speaking, the Elephone P8 can standby for one whole day when it's fully-charged, and you don't need to charge every day.

On other spects,It has 5.5-inch FHD screen with Android 7.0 system,and it has front fingerprint for quickly unlock.But if you like a big screen phone,you can consider the Elephone C1 Max,which has 6.0 inchs screen and 13.0MP+5.0MP rear cameras.The most important is that all the elephones you can buy on pompmall.